Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Boys...

So Landon had his first Drs appt on January 7th and Jackson tagged along. I made Beau come with me because I would be crazy to bring 2 kids in the cold to the Dr after having a baby 2 weeks before. Landon weighed 9lbs 4oz and the Dr said he looked great. We have to go back in 1 month for another well check-up. Jackson also had to see the Dr for a check-up and get some shots, he was not a happy camper after and slept most of the afternoon. All in all it was a good day and our happy family of 4 spend the day just hanging out.
I think Landon is going to be a little porker and Jackson is going to stay a shrimp because he still weighs 19 lbs.
They both go back to the Dr again in February for check up.. I'll keep every posted!

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